Sac Hygiene Combo (Sac Wash-100ml + Sac Soothe Lotion-100ml)

Sac Hygiene Combo (Sac Wash-100ml + Sac Soothe Lotion-100ml)

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  • FDA Approved
  • Cruelty Free
  • Paraben & Sulphate Free
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • ISO Certified
  • Made in India

Sac Hygiene Combo for Men: Comes With the Best Intimate Care

Veraku Sac Soothe Lotion is on the job. Its non-toxic anti-chafing gel formula glides on smoothly to relieve you of irksome friction and keeps the affected area cool.

Sac Hygiene Combo: Our quick action formula made of natural Manihot esculenta (tapioca) starch gives you at least 8 hours of chafe relief. And no, you won’t get dry and flaky skin either! It leaves a cool feeling on your chafed areas and isn’t powdery. So Veraku Sac Soothe Lotion for Men is a win-win cream curated just for you.

Veraku Sac Wash for Men: Irritation and itchiness in the intimate area are something we all want to avoid. So, we often clean our intimates with soap and water. But that’s a BIG MISTAKE!

Your genitals are very sensitive to any pH-level changes. And no matter how mild a soap you use, you could end up with an imbalanced pH.

When your routine hygiene just doesn’t cut it anymore, don’t worry; you’ve got Veraku Sac Wash for Men to your rescue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Intimate Wash cause UTI?

UTIs happen when bacteria enter the urethra and reach up into the bladder or kidneys. While men are less prone to UTIs than women, using intimate washes that has harsh chemicals or fragrances can potentially disrupt the natural balance of bacteria in the genital area, making it easier for harmful bacteria to enter the urinary tract and cause an infection.

Now the question is can poor hygiene cause uti? To minimise the risk of developing a UTI, it’s essential for men to use intimate wash products only as directed, avoid using products that are infused with harsh chemicals or fragrances, and to rinse the area thoroughly after use. Additionally, culturing good hygiene habits such as washing hands regularly, drinking plenty of water, and urinating after sex can also help prevent UTIs.

Can intimate wash cause yeast infection? 

Yeast infections are specially caused by an overgrowth of a type of fungus called Candida, which can happen when the balance of bacteria and yeast in the body is disturbed.

This imbalance can be caused by various factors, such as antibiotics, a weakened immune system, or hormonal changes.

How to get rid of a male yeast infection can invoke a question of doubt? 

To help prevent yeast infections, it is essential to practise good hygiene in the genital area, which includes keeping the area clean and dry, wearing clean and breathable underwear, and avoiding the use of harsh soaps or other products that could disturb the skin.

It is unlikely that using an intimate wash designed for men would directly cause a yeast infection. However, some men’s sac wash products may contain ingredients that could irritate the sensitive skin in the genital area, which could potentially lead to an increased risk of developing a yeast infection. Having said this, a male yeast infection treatment is always at hand if one develops it.

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