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Nourish and Rejuvenate

Your Skin with Anti Chafing Cream and Intimate Wash and Become a VERAKU MAN India’s 1st Men’s Intimate Skin Care Products Online Store.

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24+ Countries

Export with timely delivery and quality track records

1K+ designs

Laminates available for types of different surfaces

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Om Modi

The intimate wash is good but must say the chafing cream is par excellence. truly a savior for me on long working days. can compete easily with imported ones. both are worthy to try but as i said the cream is a must.

Maintaining hygiene with intimate parts do provide overall sanity and peace of mind along with proper personality balance. I used this product for couple of days only and i realised, this is an awesome way to avoid all the odour and skin allergies, i was suffering before. I do use it regularly and I am feeling comfortable and refresh whole day, and it smells really nice. I do recommend this product to all the handsome hunks out there. Intimate parts do matter.

Shubham Gumber

I have tried intimate hygiene products of many companies before. but from the last one month, I started to use Veraku intimate hygiene product and this is very amazing product i have ever used, like it made me feel addictive. its so good that i am here to give review and want to ask every users that they should at least one time try to use this product, its the best product I have ever seen, you all will thank me later.

Mohit Agarwal

I was searching for a cream that will keep my genitals fresh all day long and here i got it. it took a little time to search but it was worth the wait. this cream is the best intimate care solution i have ever seen.



Who is Veraku? You asked ; we listened. We ‘re excited to share our gentleness journey of an hygiene and grooming with you all. Guys , do follow us to understand everything about your body on a whole new level. Ask us anything and we will be there for your.


Men’s Hygiene is the new grooming. Your hygiene leaves an everlasting impression – Veraku is here to make a 𝐆𝐎𝐎𝐃 𝐎𝐍𝐄!