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Men Get Relief from irritation and itchiness in the intimate area

Hygiene shouldn’t be limited by gender. Because infections aren’t!

Men’s Intimate Wash: Irritation and itchiness in the intimate area is something we all want to avoid. So, we often clean our intimates with soap and water. But that’s a BIG MISTAKE!

Your genitals are very sensitive to any pH-level changes. And no matter how mild a soap you use, you could end up with an imbalanced pH.

When your routine hygiene just doesn’t cut it anymore, don’t worry; you’ve got Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash to your rescue.

How Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash Care for You?

  • Natural Ingredients: Our mild sulfate-free surfactants made with the goodness of tea tree and eucalyptus essential oil leave you fresh & odorless all day. And since we know you don’t want an itchy genital area, we have infused our intimate wash with natural moisturizers like aloe barbadensis juice, hydrolyzed milk protein, and seabuckthorn oil.
  • Perfect pH Balance: Haven’t we all borrowed face wash or shampoo from our sisters or girlfriend? But that’s where the borrowing ends! Men and women have very different intimate pH levels.
  • And that’s exactly what Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash keeps in mind. Our intimate wash is tailored to your pH of 4.5. So if you use it daily, your genitals will thank you for sure!
  • Sulfate and Paraben-Free: Human skin and sulfates & parabens do not go hand-in-hand. Why? One – they damage your epidermal layer. Two – they are your skin’s sworn enemy.

But Veraku Intimate Wash is your skin’s closest friend. It doesn’t have those filthy parabens and gross sulfates! So with it, your skin stays healthy and protected.

How to Use Intimate Wash for Men?

Here, we provide the step by step guide for how to use intimate wash for men. So, just check out below steps and do it;

  • Always remember to shake the tube before use.
    Then take a pea-sized amount of Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash on your palm.
  • Rub both palms together to gently create a rich lather of Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash.
  • Apply the lathered Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash in and around your intimate area.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Pat dry your now healthy skin.
  • Use Daily For Best Results.


6 reviews for Men’s Intimate wash | Best Intimate Wash for Men’s

  1. Ashish

    Just amazing intimate wash for men. It gives instant fresh feel to our private area. It is easy to use and fragrance is superb.

  2. Ishan

    Very good product

  3. Vansh Doda (verified owner)

    Very good product give instant freshness

  4. jodhveersandhus (verified owner)

    It smells subtly gorgeous! It is so evident how natural this wash is, and yet it does everything other male hygiene products can do and more!

  5. Abhaas Deep

    Men’s initimate hygeine is a new revolution. Felt really great that this world thinks about Men’s.
    Ordered to give it a try and believe me I ordered it again after 2 months.
    Now Veraku is a part of my daily routiene.

    Really appreciate both the products.

  6. Shazan Khan

    So I have used multiple intimate Washes over the past 3 years,
    But When I came across VERAKU My search was over.
    It has everything a MAN need.
    Kudos to veraku!

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