Groin Hygiene Kit


Mens Groin Hygiene Kit Includes – Chafing Cream and Mens Genital Wash

Veraku Anti-Chafing Cream is on the job. Its non-toxic gel formula glides on smoothly to relieve you of irksome friction and keeps the affected area cool. This one is a Groin Hygiene Kit that comes in two packs, one is cream and another is in the wash.

Our quick action formula made of 100% natural Manihot esculenta (tapioca) starch gives you at least 8 hours of chafe relief. And no, you won’t get dry and flaky skin either! It leaves a cool feeling on your chafed areas and isn’t powdery. So Veraku Anti-Chafing cream is a win-win cream curated just for you.

Veraku Men’s Genital Wash

Irritation and itchiness in the intimate area are something we all want to avoid. So, we often clean our intimates with soap and water. But that’s a BIG MISTAKE!

Your genitals are very sensitive to any pH-level changes. And no matter how mild a soap you use, you could end up with an imbalanced pH.

When your routine hygiene just doesn’t cut it anymore, don’t worry; you’ve got Veraku Men’s Genital Wash to your rescue. Buy Men’s Groin Hygiene Kit online. In Men’s Groin Hygiene Kit, you will get Men’s Genital Wash and Men’s Anti Chafing Cream. Free Shipping

4 reviews for Groin Hygiene Kit

  1. Palvinder Singh (verified owner)

    Amazing results

  2. mohit agarwal (verified owner)

    I have tried intimate hygiene products of many companies before. but from the last one month, I started to use Veraku intimate hygiene product and this is very amazing product i have ever used, like it made me feel addictive. its so good that i am here to give review and want to ask every users that they should at least one time try to use this product, its the best product I have ever seen, you all will thank me later.

  3. Shubham Gumber (verified owner)

    Maintaining hygiene with intimate parts do provide overall sanity and peace of mind along with proper personality balance. I used this product for couple of days only and i realised, this is an awesome way to avoid all the odour and skin allergies, i was suffering before. I do use it regularly and I am feeling comfortable and refresh whole day, and it smells really nice.
    I do recommend this product to all the handsome hunks out there. Intimate parts do matter 😉

  4. Om modi

    the intimate wash is good but must say the chafing cream is par excellence. truly a savior for me on long working days. can compete easily with imported ones. both are worthy to try but as i said the cream is a must.

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