Anti Chafing Cream


Its non-toxic gel formula glides on smoothly to relieve you of irksome friction and keeps the affected area cool.

Do your summers come with painfully chafed underarms, groin, and feet? They won’t anymore!

Veraku Anti Chafing Cream is on the job. Its non-toxic gel formula glides on smoothly to relieve you of irksome friction and keeps the affected area cool.

Our quick action formula made of 100% natural Manihot esculenta (tapioca) starch gives you at least 8 hours of chafe relief. And no, you won’t get dry and flaky skin either! It leaves a cool feeling on your chafed areas and isn’t powdery. So, This Veraku’s cream is a win-win cream curated just for you.

Why go for Veraku Anti Chafing Cream?

  • Proper Hydration: Our natural ingredients like oat kernel extract and aloe leaf juice extract increases the skin’s moisture level. Because dry skin is never the solution to chafing.
  • Anti-Microbial Properties: Didn’t our grandmas tell us to apply neem on those stubborn infections? Turns out they were right. Veraku has the perfect anti-microbial formula of neem extract and tea tree oil to keep away those pesky infection-causing irritants far away from you.
  • Talc-free and Hypoallergenic: Talc-formulated creams might have carcinogens in them, but Veraku doesn’t! Our talc-free and hypoallergenic formula keep cancer away while taking your personal hygiene seriously.
  • Paraben and Aluminium Free: Your skin doesn’t need parabens or aluminum. In fact, it abhors them. And so should you. Veraku’s anti-chafing cream contains none of those. It’s perfectly gentle on your delicate skin. And nothing nourishes your skin like Veraku’s anti-chafing cream.
  • Water Repellent: What makes chafing worse? The sweat of course! But our anti-chafing cream is water-repellent. So even on those humid and hot days, it protects you from the pain of chafed skin.

How to use it?

Our usage instructions are no rocket science:

  • Squeeze the tube of Veraku anti-chafing cream and apply a pea-sized amount on the affected areas. That’s all you need for a palm-sized area of skin that could be chafed.
  • Spread till dry. It should feel like a lotion at first but soon will attain a talc-free powdery texture.
  • Enjoy the rest of your day without worrying about rashes or chafing.
  • Don’t forget to repeat it daily.

Weight 120 kg

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  1. chetan

    i was searching for a cream that will keep my genitals fresh all day long and here i got it. it took a little time to search but it was worth the wait. this cream is the best intimate care solution i have ever seen.

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