Men's Intimate wash

Are you suffering from a few intimate area problems like “Itching”, “Rashes”, “Pimples”, and many more?

That’s why we have an amazing solution for these kinds of problems, and it will help you to clean the private parts as well.

Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash is especially for men and is basically used for preventing unwanted infections in their private areas. This intimate wash is a complete solution for all the unwanted problems in your intimate areas.

Let’s See The Top Benefits of Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash:

– Helps to clean the intimate area
– Prevents unwanted problems such as itches, sweats, rashes, etc.
– Prevents odor and keeps the intimate area fresh.
– Smoothly removes irritation, inflammation and keeps the intimate area protected.

How to Use It:

Step 1. Firstly, use water to make your private area wet.
Step 2. Take 2 to 3 drops of Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash on your palm.
Step 3. Now, massage for 30 to 40 Seconds in that area.

Step 4. Rinse off water properly and pat dry the area smoothly


Question 1. Does It Help With Itchiness & Dryness?

Answer: Yes, it really works well to fix itchiness and dryness problems because it has ingredients of cucumber.

Questions 2. How do you use a men’s intimate wash?

Answer: Damp the intimate skin area, massage for 30 to 40 seconds by using 2 to 3 drops of intimate wash, rinse with water, and finally gently pat dry.

Questions 3. Is it good to use men’s intimate wash?

Answer: Yes, it’s good for men to use intimate wash daily. Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash has all natural ingredients, which makes it safe for everyday use.

Question 4. When should men use intimate wash?

Answer: Experts suggest that you could use intimate wash on a daily basis, thus making it free from all the itchiness and irritation.

Questions 5. What do you mean by intimate hygiene wash especially tailored for men?

Answer: It is a type of wash that is basically used by men to clean their private area or their intimate area.

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