How to use

Our usage instructions are no rocket science.

    • Shake Well Before Use.
    • To apply, dispense a pea-sized amount for covering a palm-sized area of skin prone to chafing.
    • Apply directly onto required area and spread till dry for skin that’s healthy, happy and chafe-free!
    • Veraku Anti-chafing cream goes on like a lotion, instantly transforming into a silky, talc-free powder, keeping the target areas fresh and dry all day.
    • Squeeze the tube of Veraku anti-chafing cream and apply a pea-sized amount on the affected areas. That’s all you need for a palm-sized area of skin that could be chafed.
    • Spread till dry. It should feel like a lotion first but soon will attain a talc-free powdery texture.
    • Enjoy the rest of your day without worrying about rashes or chafing.
    • Don’t forget to repeat daily.

Precautions: External use only. Keep away from children. Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin. Stop use / consult physician if irritation or rash occurs. Store at room temperature.


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    How To Use Veraku Intimate Wash?

    • Always remember to shake the tube before use.
      Then take a pea-sized amount of Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash on your palm.
    • Rub both palms together to gently create rich lather of Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash.
    • Apply the lathered Veraku Men’s Intimate Wash in and around your intimate area.
    • Rinse thoroughly.
    • Pat dry your now healthy skin.
    • Use Daily For Best Results.

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