About Veraku

Our Origin

Chetan Middha, our founder was distraughtto witness the state of men’s hygiene in India. There was little awareness and barely any solutions. That’s when he created VERAKU, a Jaipur-based brand dedicated to men’s hygiene and grooming.


We aim to provide superior quality grooming products for men. Our research faculties allow us to develop carefully-constructed formulas that are just right for your body.

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Our Vision and Mission

Hygiene crosses all boundaries of gender.

Our society has long overlooked the value of grooming and hygiene for men. In fact, most men across India are never taught to care for intimate cleanliness and hygiene. They are either oblivious to the need for hygiene or don’t have the right products to maintain it. Often, men end up using their wives’, mothers’, and sisters’ products to clean themselves. Which, of course, is harmful.

Veraku is here to change all these notions.

We, at Veraku, aim to bring out the best solutions for men’s intimate hygiene. For us, spreading awareness globally about men’s grooming & hygiene and providing them with the best solutions to address these is crucial.

Veraku Makes You a Gentleman


What defines a gentleman? A nice tux and a silk tie? Or something far more important? For us, it’s the latter. We truly believe that a clean, well-kept body makes you far more gentlemanly than anything ornamental. And it doesn’t matter where you work, who you identify as, or who you date – being hygienic infuses your life with freshness and positivity.


Veraku takes care of it all through its world-class intimate hygiene, skincare, cosmetic, and other grooming products. We are your one-stop destination for all grooming and hygienic lifestyle solutions. Our vibrant and diverse range of “au natural” products will ensure that your hygiene and grooming problems are a thing of the past.



Experience clean gentleness without compromising on manliness!